Lady Cardinal Basketball Newsletter

April 2019 Edition

Program Update

It is crazy to think that March has come and gone! Our spring and summer schedules are starting to take shape. We are going to have many opportunities for the girls to improve their individual games over the spring, summer, and fall. The former New York Yankees strength & conditioning coach, Dana Cavalea, was sharing a story about Derek Jeter. My two biggest take aways from the story:

1. He showed up on time & if he was going to be late, he showed respect by calling the coach ahead of time because he respected his time.

2. He wasn't the first in and last out type of person. He was extremely efficient with his time!

We know that everyone is not going to be at all the skill sessions and workouts, but communicating that with us is a MUST. Lastly, we made the sessions 30-40 minutes to focus on efficiency!

3rd Quarter Academics

We are proud of the effort and hard work these girls are putting in the classroom. All 26 girls in the program made the honor roll this past quarter! Here are the girls in the program that earned a 4.0 or higher for the 3rd quarter:

McKenna LaGanke 4.5

Brooke Hickman 4.3

Maddie Cowie 4.21

Sophia Ockuly 4.21

Kayla Horoszko 4.14

Grace Kroeger 4.08

Bella Carcioppolo 4.07

Morgan Holmes 4.07

Jordan Alesci 4.0

Breanna Berwald 4.0

Ella Biondi 4.0

Caroline Halloran 4.0

2018-19 Season Awards

Here were the awards that were presented at the end of the year banquet on March 19th. We wish our Seniors all the best in the next chapter of their lives!

Rookie of the Year:

Bella Carcioppolo

Most Improved Player:

Tori Lanese

Coaches Award:

Allyson Swider

Efficiency Award:

Brooke Hickman

Spring Athletes

Spring sports are underway! Among track, fast pitch, and lacrosse, 15 of the 26 girls in the program are participating. We wish them all the best this season!

AAU Basketball Season

We have a number of girls in all grade levels playing AAU basketball this spring/summer. We want to wish them luck as practices have begun and tournaments are right around the corner!

Middle School Meeting at Memorial & Shore

This past week, Coach Hrusovsky had a meeting with all 6-8 graders interested in improving their basketball skills this spring/summer. This meeting was to discuss skill session opportunities that will be offered starting April 1st. On Mondays from 7-7:30 pm at the high school, we will be focusing on ball-handling and shooting. We know that everyone is busy, but we want to keep a ball in their hands at least once a week. The link below is what was given out.

High School Improvement Spring Schedule/Details

Beginning April 1st, we will be opening the gym for girls currently in grades 9-11. On Mondays (7:30-8:10pm) and Thursdays (7-7:40pm), we will be working on ball handling and shooting. We will not be doing drills that involve contact, so any athlete who is participating in a spring sport will be able to participate.

As always, dates/times can change because of baseball, fast pitch, lacrosse, or track needing the gym. This is also why our time slot is later in the evening, in order to prevent us from changing the times frequently.

Spring Skill Session Dates:

April 1, 4, 8, 11, 15, 18, 22, 25, 29

May 2, 6, 9, 13, 16

10,00 Shot & 1,000 Minute Ball Handling Challenge

Grades 3-12 are welcome to participate in both challenges! The challenge begins on May 1st, and at the end of each month, I will post the top 3 in each grade level throughout the summer. Below are some examples of shooting workouts you can use!

Rules and Details:

10,000 Shot & 1,000 Minute Ball Handling Chart:

Post Shooting Workout:

Guard Shooting Workout:

Kids Shooting Workout:

High School Summer Details

On May 28th, we will move to our summer schedule. The link below is a document that highlights and summarizes the summer events. Do not forget to look at our calendar on the website as well!

Elementary & Middle Summer Camp Dates/Times

We have finalized our Elementary (Grades 3-5) and Middle School (Grades 6-8) camp dates and times. Registration forms will be coming out soon. Please mark your calendars!


July 15, 16, 17


Elementary 8 - 10am

Middle School 10am - 2pm


Elementary $50

Middle School $75