Stepping In to 6th Grade

Nov 9th - Nov 13th

If you have any questions or concerns about grading at FMS, please feel free to contact Mr. Hoskins or Mrs. Windmann. They will be happy to help address any questions or concerns you may have.


Parents and Guardians can access their student's 1st Quarter grades through the SIS Parent Portal.
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Important Announcements

  • SCIENCE TEST: Nov 12 & 13
  • Students use earbuds regularly in class. Please make sure your student has this necessary supply.
  • Fall Family Conferences will be from October 19th to November 13th. Please respond to the message and Form your student's advisory teacher sent out
  • Students' water bottles should be filled with water, not juices or other drinks.
  • Math Test on Nov 23

Important Dates

10/19 -11/13: Fall Family Conferences, please respond to your student's Advisory Teacher.


In ELA students are becoming more of a teammate to the main character, Harrison, in our read aloud Unstoppable. Students are continuing to work on finding the meaning of unknown words using context clues and getting more familiar with figurative language. At the end of the week, students will be given an assessment to see how well they have an understanding of these skills. Please continue to support your student by having them read nightly for 30 minutes and making sure they have earbuds for learning each

Ms. K. Clark:

Mrs. L. Clark:

Ms. Hervey:


ELO 4: Students will be able to understand ratios while solving problems.

ELO 5: Student will be able to solve problems involving ratios and unit rates.

We will continue working with percentages.

tape diagrams

percentage benchmarks

solving percentage problems

finding the percent of that

finding the percentage

Reminder: students need to interact with the pear deck by typing in the slides and completing the last slide of the pear deck. Also need to complete practice problems which are attached to google classroom. There are also videos to watch each day to explain the lesson.

Mrs. Alexander:

Ms. Lechiara:

Ms. Simonin:


This week in science, we will be playing a review game to study for our test. Then students will take a test either Thursday or Friday over celestial objects and gravity.

6-8.ESS1.B.1 Analyze and interpret data to determine the scale properties of objects in the solar system.

Ms. Doering:

Ms. Simonin:

Social Studies

Standard 2: Student can describe how the geography of river valleys led to settlement and the beginning of civilization

Standard 3: Student can describe the advancement of civilization and its legacy

Tuesday/Wednesday: Beginning Egypt Notes, Reflection, and Map

Thursday/Friday: Finishing Egypt Notes, Reflection, and Map

Mr. Hoskins:,

Mrs. Windmann:

7 Characteristics of Civilization