My Drama Club

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In this club we are always opened to new ideas and people! Why don't you read a little bit about our club?!
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In my drama club conformity is discouraged. This is because everyone has a unique perspective of the world and would hate for anyone to just fall in line with everyone else.

This is why we discourage group thinking; where members get so involved in keeping the group together that they end up losing parts of themselves. This is done so that every member feels safe about stating an opinion that could go against what most people in the group want.

We also discourage obedience; when you change your actions, thinking and opinions based on an authority figure. We encourage group polarization where everyone can come to a decision with discussing about certain issues.

The authority figure of this group is the schools drama teacher Mrs. Prune. However at the beginning of the year we do elect students to positions of authority, but Mrs. Prune holds sovereignty over the club.
We like to think that the group thrives or fails due to everyone's actions this goes against the self-serving bias theory. This is done so that responsibly falls on everyone in the group and not just a few key people.

When we think about the skits we do we make sure that everyone is okay with preforming them and that it wont go against their personal deposition. We realize that while everyone may seem to agree with it that they could be pressured into it since everyone else in the group is agreeing. (fundamental attribution error)

In our group people feel that they have the freedom to think against what the group think. This is a direct difference from the Asch/Line Experiment.

As previously stated we do elect students to play an authority figure in this group. However they can be "impeached" at any time if more than half of the group thinks that their leadership is a direct hindrance to the groups well being. This is so that the Zimbardo Experiment; where normal people became guards and others prisoners this led to an uprising and revolt from the prisoners isn't repeated again.

In this group the leaders propose an idea and the group votes on it. If the majority agrees then we do the idea. This lessens the chance of someone having do participate in an activity that could go against their personal conscience because of an authority figure, (Milgram Experiment)