Come to Indian Island

Mackenzie Ditzel, 12/2/14, Period: 2

Best and Last Vacation Ever

Come to Indian Island because you could solve a big mystery and help everyone out. It'll be the last trip you'll ever take but it will be worth it.

Our Island


"From here there was no land to be seen anywhere---just a vast expanse of blue water rippling in the evening sun." pg32
Camping at Indian Island
Perfect place for your kids, your family and also your friends! It could either be the best or the worst vacation ever.
Gage went to Indian Island one day. He was all excited to get there and when he did he was thinking "this is great!" He then went on to set up his camp with his kids. They went on bike rides and went swimming and hiking almost everyday. He had the greatest experience of his life. His kids also enjoyed it very much.

Mike on the other hand...he did not have an great experience like Gage did. He went to stay in a house instead of camping out. The house seemed nice from the outside, but on the was not so nice. He went in and got himself settled. He then started to realize there was a whole bunch of crime scene tape everywhere. Not put up, put it was all over the floor like it was super old and used. He tried to leave and the door handle broke and he could not get out. All the windows were to high to climb out. He got stranded in there for weeks with no food or water, until someone finally found him. He was not returning home after that vacation.