By Ava

primary and secondary colors

The primary colors are red,blue,and yellow. The secondary colors are any color but red,blue,and yellow.The primary colors are mixed to form the secondary colors.
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Blending Colors

In art you lean and blend colors. When you lean how to blend colors it includes blending the secondary colors .We already know you blend the primary colors to get secondary colors.
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Famous Artist

In art you learn about famous artist from the past. You can also learn about who just became famous artist.You can also learn about artist who are famous now.
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Art can be messy

Lots of times art is realy messy . It can be messy when people paint.It can also be messy when you are using markers. Lots of times art gets on your hands.
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Your Pears Art

In art you can learn about your pears art. For sure you should know even if there work is bad you don't say it .You should tell them the stuff on the bright side.Lots of times you have to test into art so the work should be at least a little bit good.
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