Code of Ethics

By: Marielle M


When something is ethical, it is the right thing to do. For example, when you are in school it is implied that you would do the right thing. Such as do your homework, treat the teacher with respect and not disrupt the class.


In my opinion, code means a long list of rules or laws that should be followed or is the correct thing to do. For example, it is not a rule not to be mean to someone, but it is the right thing to be nice to people.


  • By having respect for someone, you are deserving of respect
  • Shows that you are a listener and a good friend
  • Creates trust in new and old relationships


  • When you are honest, you build trust in people
  • Creates better relationships with others.
  • Shows a lot of integrity.


  • If you are passionate about something, as cliche as it sounds, don't listen to people that want to bring you down
  • If you are passionate about something and willing to take risks, it shows that you really care about what you're passionate about.
  • By loving something, people who love that same thing will love you because of that.


  • Having determination shows that you want something, and you will stop at nothing to have it done
  • More deserving of respect from others
  • Shows that you care about getting a good grade, friend, etc.