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September 2015 Newsletter


August was a great start to our 2015-2016 season! We loved all the hugs and smiles from our seasoned students and we have enjoyed getting to know all the new ALL STARS that are joining us for the first time.

Welcome to our monthly newsletter. Each newsletter will feature birthdays, upcoming events, recognitions, highlights and requests. Keep the link when it is sent to you to refer back as needed.

The newsletter will also be linked up to our Dance FACEBOOK page (UPDATED several times a week), Rock Academy FACEBOOK page, Twitter account as @allstarsarts and Instagram feed. YUP, we are socially connected. So join us.... and stay up to date on what is happening at the studio.

We are looking forward to an incredible year dancing, making music and entertaining!

Trade in your Flip Flops for some Dancing Shoes!

School's back in session, Mother Nature is treating us to some (slightly) cooler temperatures and schedules are written in on our calendars.

Time to get your dancing shoes and hit the studio!

As of September 1st all dancers are required to have a complete uniform for their style of dance to be admitted to their classes. Please follow the link to verify that you have everything you need. ALL STARS carries many of these items, and if it isn't at the studio it can be ordered.

Uniform and Dress Code

upcoming events to know about... Put it on your Calendars NOW!



All ACADEMIES closed for Labor Day Observance. No classes or music lessons today.

12th 8-10 am
Auditions for NUTCRACKER
doors open at 7am. Come in, warm up and prepare for some fun!
All classes will be performing in the December show of Nutcracker. These auditions are just for anyone that would like to participate in the Main Character roles.

Please see the email previously sent or the "blurb" below for more details.


ALL STARS take over Lanier World

the park opens at 10am

Group ticket code is ALLSTARS15 and the price per ticket is $22.99 (that is almost a $20 savings!)

ALL STARS Make A Band and Pilot will be playing on stage starting at 6:00pm. We will have a huge sheet cake to share at 5:30.

Come enjoy one last summer HURRAH with your ALL STARS Family. And yes, you can invite your friends!


Suwanee Fest parade and activities

ALL STARS will be performing in the parade again this year.

Watch for emails with details of when to practice, what to where and when to meet!

This is always such a fun event so be sure to grab your family and friends and head out to Suwanee Towne Center.



DANCE CONVENTION: The Beat Dance Tour in Downtown Atlanta.

If you are a level 2+ dancer and wish to be a part of this amazing opportunity to learn from SYTYCD finalists and participate in a mock audition with SYTYCD Producer, Jeff Thacker .... then see the front desk immediately!!!

Sep 28-Oct 3

Dance Academy COLORS WEEK-- any color dance wear is allowed in class. :-)



Taste of Suwanee - Saturday performance


OPEN for all classes -

(Gwinnett County Schools are closed for the observance of Columbus Day)


Glenn C. Jones International Night

Classes participating will be notified.


Sugar Hill Sugar Rush

"Street Performances" by ALL STARS Dancers

Pilot (ALLSTARS Rock Academy M.A.B.) will be opening for Travis Tritt @ 5:00


Mashburn Elementary School International Night

Classes performing will be notified.


14 & 15th

Nutcracker Acting CAST Rehearsals @ ALL STARS

Dance Academy COLORS WEEK-- any color dance wear is allowed in class. :-)

DANCE & ACTING Academy CLOSED- Thanksgiving Break

ROCK Academy CLOSED - Thanksgiving



Nutcracker General Rehearsal @ ALL STARS

Nutcracker Dance DRESS Rehearsal @ Mountain View HS Theater

"An ALL STARS Nutcracker" Dance Performances @ Mountain View HS Theater, 2pm & 6pm

"An ALL STARS Nutcracker" Dance Performance @ Mountain View HS Theater, 1pm


2nd Annual "An ALL STARS Nutcracker"

Hello, ALL STARS Dancers!

We are excited to give you the details about the auditions for our second Annual "An ALL STARS Nutcracker." We encourage everyone interested to participate in the audition. There are several parts and some that may be created when possible.

Date: Saturday, September 12

Time: 8:00-10:00am. Arrive early to warm up-- Doors open at 7:00am.

Who: 3rd-12th grade Male & Female dancers of appropriate level for part

Rehearsals & Performances for Nutcracker Cast members will be:

Nov 14 & 15, 2015 Nutcracker Acting CAST Rehearsals @ ALL STARS

Dec 6, 2015,Sat Nutcracker General Rehearsal @ ALL STARS

Dec 11, 2015, Fri Nutcracker Dance DRESS Rehearsal @ Mountain View HS

Dec 12, 2015, Sat "An ALL STARS Nutcracker" Performances @
Mountain View HS , 2pm & 6pm

Dec 13, 2015, Sun "An ALL STARS Nutcracker" Performance @ Mountain View HS 1pm

- please see the part's description

Regarding levels: all levels are invited to audition, however, be aware that some parts will require strong technique.

How: Please put your best foot forward, wear your dance uniform & look neat.

What: Come prepared to learn short choreography and perform it, as well as present a short 45 second to 1 minute piece. This should be of the style of dance that the character you are auditioning for will be dancing-- you provide your music in the form of CD or MP3 (ipod, phone, computer, etc.)

Please come with a positive and open mind. Parts will be distributed as found most fruitful for both the dancer and the production. There is a possibility that you may get a different part than the one auditioned for, or that a part may be created for you. If you do not get a part, do not be discouraged, as the experience of auditioning is the most important part of all. <3

Parts to audition for :

• Clara- female: ballet, ballroom, movement. (Clara is the main character in Nutcracker)

• Fritz- male or female: ballroom & movement. (Clara's brother)

• Louise- female: ballet & movement. (Clara's sister)

• Mother- female: basic ballet, ballroom & movement. (Clara's mother)

• Father-- Male: ballroom & movement. (Clara's Father)

• Uncle Drosselmeyer-- male or female: BIG personality, ballroom & movement.

(Clara's godfather who is magical and brings gifts, including the Nutcracker)

• Nephew-- LM male: basic ballroom & movement. (Uncle Drosselmeyer's Newphew and assistant)

• Nutcracker-- male or female: basic ballet, hip hop, movement. (The personification of the Nutcracker gift Clara receives-- An enchanted prince, who battles the mouse king and

takes Clara to his kingdom)

• Snow Queen-- female: strong in ballet, pointe preferred. (Leads the snow ballet)

• Mother Ginger-- male or female: GRAND personality-- mostly in place with big arm

movements and facial expressions. (Personification of a gingerbread house in her

skirt, of where many children come out to dance)

• Sugar Plum Fairy-- female: strong in ballet, pointe preferred. (The Fairy who has been watching over the Prince's land while he was under the enchantment, and to thank Clara for helpinghim, brings her dancers to celebrate her)

• Cavalier -- male: basic ballet & hip hop. Assists and dances with the Sugar Plum Fairy.

The Rock Academy's group "Pilot" won the honor of Opening for Travis Tritt as the the winners of Sugar Hill's Battle of the Bands!

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BEST OF GWINNETT....yes we are!

now we need everyone else to know we are the best.

Don't forget to vote for ALLSTARS!

You can find the studio under:

* Arts & Entertainment: Best Artistic/Cultural Scene

* Education & Childcare: Best Acting School

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* Education & Childcare: Best Summer Camps

2 NEW Classes and 2 NEW Instructors


Join our new Tumbling teacher for some flipping good fun! We welcome Jakob Cravens to ALL STARS. He comes VERY highly recommended! (we wouldn't let just anyone coach these tricks.) We encourage students grades 5-12, that would like to learn the basics of tumbling to enchance their dance, cheerleading or entertainment performances, to sign up!
Mondays @ 8:30 grades 5-12


We have scored HUGE by working with Boris Penton! Boris is from Dragon House the Agents and competed and performed on both "So You Think You Can Dance and America's Got Talent". His personality is dynamite and has so much to offer ALL STARS dancers. So tell your friends at school, grab your neighbor, bring your brother or sister and check out this new class!
Wednesdays @ 6:30

Class will start Wed Sep 9.

Not sure what Popping/Animation looks like? Check out Boris' audition performance for SYTYCD.

Look at her! She's my dance teacher!

Two obvious things we look for in our instructors is their TALENT and knowledge of PERFORMANCE. And when one of our instructors has the opportunity to continuing developing their talent of performing we applaud them and send them off with the love of their ALL STARS family to support them in their adventure.

We are excited to announce that Ms. Danni will be a Rockette again this season and will be performing in the Radio City Music Hall's Christmas Spectacular 2015 Season.

We are proud of her and look forward to her return in January for recital season.

In the mean time, Ms. Heather will be covering her Tuesday classes, and Ms. Gissette will be covering her Wed classes.

Good Luck Ms. Danni!

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We wish each of our birthday students a wonderful year!


3- Hannah Priest
4- Lexi Blohm

5- Addison Humprey & Alexis Tiborczszeghi

7 - Jax Hudgens, Javan Johnson, Lucy Kim & Gabriella Molina

8 - Laehlanni Benjamin & Julia Vitica

10 - David Chavez

11 - Grace Arnold, Brooklyn Peterson, & Olivia Taylor

15 - Veronica Hand, Emma Sarkissian, & Caden Scott-Camp

16 - Angela Agudelo & Summer Dawson

18- Anaiya Williams

19 - Ava Timchenko

21 - Avery Owings

22 - Zach Coppedge & Carrie-Lynn Kelley

23 - Claire Bicknell

24 - Evelyn Dzikowski

25 - Alexzander Nguyen

26 - Olivia Lamb

27 - Jazmyn Yawn

29 - Averie Wheeler

30 - Victoria Lee


1 - Genesis Coyra & Jaina Kersey

2 - Jordan Goheen

7 - Preston Baumgart & Aleena Summers

8 - Justin Dozier & Lilly Slater

11 - Faith Keasler

12 - Molly McIntosh

15 - Morgan Donahue, Audrey Vaughn, & Katie Vaughn

16 - Liam Newton

18 - Makenna Reilly

19 - Allison McGuire & Xander Little

20 - Bree Clark & Sarah Tieman

21 - Dominique Daniels, Cynthia Molnar, Ashlynn Patton & Mikayla Patton

22 - Thaden Rumbaugh

23 - Jonah Jernigan, Brianna LaFeve & Dorian Menhorn

25 - Addison Barrett, Akira Graves, & Kirah Walker

26 - Jasmine Hilaire

27 - Jennifer Davis & Kaci Washington

29 - Viraj Ramgopal

30 - Maya Huff & Peyton Morrison

FAQ of the month

Q. How often should my child practice at home?

A. Depending on your child's age, 15 minutes a day 3 times a week is minimum practice time.

However, since most younger dancers do not express interest in practicing, a great idea is to have them teach you what they know. This allows them to go over and over the steps with you when they "can't get them". This will get them in the habit of practicing at home.

TUITION IS DUE... Late Fees charged after September 7th


as we make many attempts to advise you of upcoming events and performances, please remember it is the student and parent's responsibility to be aware of all ALL STARS activities, dates and events, such as performances, extra classes, and dates the studio is open or closed. ASPA will communicate all such notices via email, on the bulletin board inside the studio, the website and often through Facebook and monthly newsletters. Parents should check these mediums frequently to ensure they are informed.
Please remember to inform us of any email, phone number or address changes.