The Weekly

February 7-10

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PGES at a Glance

February's Focus

  • Monitor your SGG and update your WIG board.
  • Schedule/complete post observation if your eval is scheduled this month.
  • Mid year meetings continue. We will review your PGP progress, your SGG progress, and chat about your year. Bring your leadership notebook if it is ready.

Thinking of You

  • Please keep Linda Myers in your prayers. She was helping a friend move last week and ended up in surgery to remove a 5-inch piece of glass from her hip. OUCH!!
  • Prayers for the Kappen family.

Do you have an intention we can pass along? Please let us know.
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This week's events

    • No School Today--YEE HAW!

    • Math Content Leadership Team at 3:50

    • NO PLCs due to ATMs
    • The Study of Learning Series at 7:30am in Erika's Office--How We Organize Information
    • ATMs from 8:30-3:40 for grades 1, 2, 3, 4

      • Yes Team Leader Meeting
      • Yes Faculty Meeting -- Writing progression training
      • No Lighthouse Meeting
      • Yes School Board Meeting
      • Erika out in the morning at RTI district meeting and elementary principals meeting
      • ATMs in afternoon for grades K and 5

      • 7:30 am: 2nd and final week of Poverty Study in library before school: Eric Jensen Webinar
      • Science Content Leadership team training in PM
      • Tier 3 ATM in AM
      • Another crazy sock day
      • Therapy dog visit in afternoon

      Action Team Updates

      All Teams
      • Create or update your team mission statement and share.

      • Meets weekly on Thursdays

      Family and Staff Education
      • Focus on how the faculty meeting time is spent.
      • Survey staff on voice and choice.

      Leadership Notebooks
      • Adding support for teachers for the teacher leadership notebooks.
      • Create teacher notebook models.
      • Process for goal reflection and resetting goals during the year.

      Club Day
      • Create a sub list of parents. Instruct teachers how to find a sub.
      • Instruct every club leader to create sub plans.

      Leadership Events
      • Prioritize which events to leaderize.
      • Start planning next Leadership Day.
      • Look at a spring event to celebrate goals, WIGs and growth.

      Scoreboards and WIGS

      • Focus on making sure the WIG boards are understandable in 5 seconds.
      • Communicate with the Leadership Notebook Team.
      • Explore the use of a universal student data tracker.
      • Focus on sustainable progress.
      • Do a deep diver refresher with Sara and the LNB team in April.


      • Alcoves for Music and Art will be painted.
      • Beginning of the year environment prep.
      • Environment Club will be redoing Yacht Club.
      • Ask Crossroads to paint our alcoves in spring.

      • Begin focusing on how parents are using the habits at home or how kids are using the habits at home.
      • More purposeful posts.
      • Make sure all grade levels and all students are featured.
      • Add more videos.

      Monday Morning Meeting
      • Create a mission statement
      • Build the habits and paradigms into meetings.
      • Empower kids to lead the MMM.

      Student Leadership
      • Brainstorming new job opportunities.
      • Finding time to train students when they are hired mid-year.
      • Creating a new application to reflect new jobs.

      Direct Lessons--may rename Student Learning
      • Create a timeline for staff for the 2nd half of the year.
      • Work on procedural lesson plans for LEAD posters.
      • Develop a purpose and mission statement.