U.S.A. vs Russia

About the miracle

The miracle on ice is a team from the USA. They are group of college kids playing in the Olympics for the gold. They play the greatest team of the era, the Russians. They are the huge underdogs and end up winning.
The Miracle On Ice - USA v USSR


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Leading up to the game

The Russians had played the US before the game and the Russians won 10-1. The US coach was angry at his team. They played the Russians to go to the championship game.


In the first period the soviets were up 1-0 about 9:00 minutes into the game. Te US tied it up with a goal by Buzz Schneider. The Russians battled back with a quick goal to make it 2-1. end of the first.
In the second period the craziest thing happened, the Russian goalie (Arguably the best goalie of all time) was pulled after letting the Americans score. The coach later said "It was the worst mistake of my career." Still the Russians score again and at the end of the second it was 3-2.
In the third period The US scored a goal to tie the game up with 14:00 minutes left. Then a couple minutes later, the captain, Mike Eruzione scoreed the 4th goal to make it 4-3 US leading for the first time this game. The US held onto that lead for 10 minutes. At the end of the game the announcer went crazy and said the famous line " Do you believe in miracles?! YES!!!". The US end up getting gold medal and proving that underdogs have a chance


We are the Champions by oacikgoz


Queen the band


The song resembles the topic because the US overcame the challenge and won the gold medal.