Reed School's December Newsletter

Cold Weather Reminders

Early Dismissal for Friday, December 22nd

As you know, Friday, December 22nd is an early dismissal day; students will be dismissed at 2:00 P.M.

Winter Class Parties

To kick-off the holiday season, students will celebrate winter class parties with their classmates on Friday, December 22nd.

Just a friendly reminder: If you would like to send in a "treat" for the party, please remember that only non-edible items are allowed. We also ask that glowsticks not be sent in for safety reasons.

As the Temperatures Begin to Plummet: Recess Reminders

As the temperatures begin to plummet, please remember to send your child to school with appropriate outerwear. Students do go outside for recess on most days. Hats/hoods, gloves, and boots are a must!

Thanks for your help!

Reed School Celebrates and Honors Veterans and Active Service Members Through Song

On Thursday, November 9th, Reed School's 3rd grade students celebrated and honored Veterans and active service men and women. As part of their annual music program under the direction of music teacher Janelle Riopell, students performed two shows, which included a variety of songs by 3rd grade classes and the 3rd grade choir. During the singing of the Armed Forces Medley, students distributed carnations to the Veterans and active service members in attendance as they stood to to be recognized by their corresponding branch of service. Such a touching tribute to those who gave and to those who continue to give to our country!

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2018 Monarch Books

This is the Learning Media Center’s annual promotion of the Monarch Book Award at Reed School. Since 2005, the Monarch Award is given annually to an author and/or illustrator for a book which is voted the best participating book by Illinois students. Our students are learning that their vote counts by participating in this Kid’s Choice book award.

A few of this year’s titles include: I’m Trying to Love Spiders, Don’t Throw it to Mo!, Moldylocks and the Three Beards, Mango, Abuela and Me, Pink is for Blobfish: Discovering the World’s Perfectly Pink Animals, and Thunder Boy Jr.

After listening to the books, students will vote for their favorite book in February. The final Monarch winner of Illinois will be announced in March of 2018.

Family Math Problems of the Month

Taken from Teaching Children Mathematics/NCTM Magazine Nov2016

Finding Math in Reading and Science

Please submit your completed family math problems to the office. Work will be displayed on our Math Problem of the Month bulletin board. Students who turn in completed problems will be awarded a small token for their efforts.

Problem #1

Marcia and Gwen have been earning tokens in class for each time they turn in a homework assignment. Gwen is excited to have 34 tokens until she learns that Marcia has 3 times as many tokens as she does. How many more tokens does Gwen need to earn to catch up to Marcia?

Problem # 2

Pablo and Dylan were doing research for a science presentation. They worked for 45 minutes and then took a 20 minute break. Then they worked for another hour. If they finished at 8:00, what time did they start their research? Use objects or drawings to show how you determined your solutions.

Problem # 3

Mr. Green counts how many students turn in their homework each day. Yesterday, 5 more girls than boys turned in their homework. If 6 boys turned in their homework, how many girls turned in their homework? How many children turned in homework yesterday?

Interested in Purchasing a Yearbook? The Deadline is Approaching!

Reminder: Yearbook orders will only be taken online this year. The ordering code for Reed School is 12828518. The deadline to purchase your child's yearbook is March 12, 2018.

Order information flyers were handed out at Parent/Teacher Conferences. Call the office if you did not receive one.

Reed Celebrates November Students of the Month

Reed students who demonstrated responsible citizenship throughout November were celebrated in a very special way. Three students from each classroom were recognized for their outstanding efforts. Students nominated for this prestigious honor demonstrated the 3 B's in our pledge consistently throughout the month.

All students nominated for the monthly award were recognized and celebrated at the school. The District 92 Foundation for Educational Excellence generously funded the lawn signs for this school-wide project. Look for Student of the Month signs soon in your neighborhood!

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Family Literacy Week

Reed School kicked off Family Literacy Week on Monday, November 13th with storyteller Chris Fascione who mesmerized students with his engaging stories and humorous wit. His message was simple: reading books and using your imagination can take you anywhere. The fun continued all week with western-themed school spirit days, including Hats Off to Our Favorite Author, Be a Super Reader/Super Hero Day, Slip Into a Good Book, Lasso a Good Book, and Everyone at Reed School Reads Day. Throughout the week students had an opportunity to visit the Book Fair as did parents during Family Literacy Night and Parent-Teacher Conferences. On Thursday, November 16th, staff hosted their annual Family Literacy Night. With a variety of stations to choose from, students, their parents, and siblings spent the night competing in Battle of the Books, taking photos in the photo corner, creating crafts, playing Book Bingo, searching the building for Scavenger Hunt clues, and taking part in a Book Walk to name a few. With over 100 families having attended the event, Reed School's Family Literacy Night Committee is eager to begin planning for next year. We're appreciative of the D92 Foundation for Educational Excellence for their continued support of our events. Together we make great things happen at Reed School!

Full "STEAM" Ahead at Reed School

To prepare our students for college and career readiness in the fields of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics), Reed school hosted a hands-on, on-site STEAM field trip for all its students. Students had an opportunity to learn through exploration. We're extremely thankful for our D92 PFA for sponsoring this wonderful event for our students.
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News from the Music Room

December will be a festive month in the music room. Among many other things, the children will be moving and listening to music from Peter Tchaikovsky’s classic holiday ballet, The Nutcracker. Tchaikovsky is this month’s Composer of the Month!

The choirs from Oak Prairie will be traveling over to Reed to perform for us, and to help our Third Grade Choir lead everyone in singing some Christmas Carols on December 22, the last day before our Winter Break!

Happy Holidays to all of our wonderful Reed School Families!

News from Physical Education

We hope everyone had a great break! You will be receiving your study guides the Monday/Tuesday that we get back to school. Your quiz will be the following week. We have been going over the muscles a lot and have been playing many games to remember the muscles. We will go over the study guide everyday until we take the quiz. Parents please help your child study so they can really ace their quiz.

We will be going over food groups also when we come back from break. There are 5 different food groups that you need to know in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Protein, vegetables, fruits, dairy and grains. After we finish the food group lesson we will be taking a break from health and wellness and we will be moving into our basketball unit. Parents please don't forget we have a website. It has your child's PE schedule in case you forget which days they have PE. We want to make sure they are wearing the proper attire for PE. Thank you!

Ms. Little and Mrs. Dietz