poetry smack down homes

Jaime Venegas

My 5 year old life

Jump rope every day
Annoying as a fly
I was fat
Made my mom want to put her hair out
Eats everything

Vegas born
Entertained my family members
New toys
Everyone loved me
Goes to the park all the time
Ate an apple every morning
sleep a lot as a baby


come on come on
you can do it
I hear the cheering
for me

I was in the
Olympics number
21 that was me
I am in first place

I was the best track star I had
four gold medals
five mow i just won

Elgy to trouble

The time my orange soda
fell on the carpet
Ooooo I knew I was
going to be in the dog house

My soda my sweet juicy
soda was on my
Mom living room
carpet what will I do!

I restraint myself
from crying i got
a rag and wiped
till i had no strength


I rode a Rhino
dunes, and went as fast as
a Jaguar while also almost
losing it in a fast turn
and bumped a rock


Patches of bright green grass
The WIND whistling to my ears
wet green grass on my shoes
blessed when the SUN SHINES hits my face

Life is like dessert

Life is like dessert
some times sweet
some times salty
rich but plain

sometimes yummy
sometimes disgusting
sometimes full of flavor
sometimes unflavored


Boring strict teacher challenging DO YOUR WORK
Jaime is all you hear
homework left and right
good and bad grades at
the same time

My life

Joyful life as a 32 year old man
A fast car
I love my family
My loving wife
Every one respects me

Very rich
Entertainer for people
No kids
Eats dinner with my family after act
Gas money
Awesome house in a lake side
Super car