Joseph destasio

Audi R8 Super Bowl 50 ad - Commander (2016)

Audi R8 super bowl commerical

Target Market: Males and Females 25-60 who are middle-high upper class

This would be Emotional because it brings back memories to the dad

Budweiser Super Bowl 50 ad - Simply Put (2016)

Budweiser Super Bowl 50 Commercial

Target market: Men and women around the ages of 21-65 because that is when alcohol, especially beer is consumed. The demographics would be towards the irresponsible group because this ad is giving you a lesson to why you should not drink and drive.

This would be Testimonial.

Pokémon Super Bowl 50 ad - Train On (2016)

Pokemon Super Bowl 50 Commercial

Target market: kids between 5+ because it also shows some adults in the commercial getting involved so that can kinda weigh in as maybe even some older people can be involved. The demographics are its something that's worldwide. The psycho graphics are people who don't have a lot of money but still like to have fun.

This would be bandwagon