December 2019

Secondary Math Updates

The Power of Desmos!

Desmos is the free online scientific and graphing calculator that students are permitted to use on AIR tests. It is important that students practice this powerful tool before testing.

One benefit of the graphing calculator is the ability to enter equations without first solving for y. The calculator is perfect for solving systems of equations, determining which equations are equivalent, which points fall on a line, etc.

Middle School (scientific calculator)

The calculator that you will find online has a function enabled that allows users to change a decimal answer into a fraction. That feature does not exist on the AIR version of the calculator.

Please note that students in Math 8 will need to be able to solve a system of equations by graphing on the AIR test. The scientific calculator used for testing does not have graphing capabilities.

Click here for the middle school practice calculator

High School (graphing calculator)

The calculator that you will find online can graph a linear equation in one variable, effectively solving for x. This function has been disabled on the AIR version of the calculator.

Example: Solve the equation 2x - 1 = 11

On the Desmos website, you can graph this equation to obtain a vertical line through x = 6.

This feature is disabled on the AIR version of the calculator.

Click here for the high school practice calculator

Helpful Desmos links:

Lesson: Systems of Equations

Supported Functions

User Guide

Math 4 Options

We are piloting two textbooks on personal financial literacy. Our plan is that one of these textbooks will be used in a course that will take the place of our existing AQR course. The titles we are piloting are:

Personal Financial Literacy (Pearson)

Mathematics for Business and Personal Finance (McGraw-Hill)

ODE is piloting a new Modeling and Reasoning course this year. The pilot program is open to other schools/teachers interested in piloting during the next school year.

Video: What is Quantitative Reasoning?

If you are interested in joining the pilot, send an email to Steve Hiner by Wednesday, December 4th so we can begin the application process.

MS Accelerated Math

Over 470 students have been identified or recommended by a teacher to take part in the MS Accelerated Math Program. Parent nights have been scheduled to go over the program with Math 6 students and their parents.

Math 6 teachers wishing to recommend students for the program can fill out a form on our website. Students can practice a test in Edulastic and work on their Math 7 skills by using a new ALEKS account. All of this information can be found on our website as well.

Parent meetings run from 6:00pm - 7:30pm (usually ending earlier).

Upcoming parent nights

  • December 3, 2019: South HS
  • December 5, 2019: Dominion MS
  • December 9, 2019: Sherwood MS


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PD in Your Building

Want our ALEKS / ConnectED representatives to come to YOU?

View this flyer for information.

ALEKS Courses

We started middle schools in the RTI version of their courses this year. We started high school students in Foundations of HS Math. Teachers can move students into other courses as desired. Use this first course to determine strengths and weaknesses, take the place of a traditional "Boot Camp", etc. Or, just move students right into another course. It's up to you.

Be very careful to move students into new classes following the steps in the ALEKS guide. If those steps are not followed, courses will not be aligned to Ohio's Learning Standards. Even if you already created courses the "old" way, you can still create new courses and move students into them.

Clever and ConnectED

ConnectED is now accessed through Clever for teachers and students. For more information on using Clever, download the PDF below.
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Department Chairs/Liasons

Our next high school department chair meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 4th at Southland Center from 3:30pm to 5:30pm.

There is no middle school liaison meeting in December.

Click below for a flyer with dates and times.

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Have a safe, fun, rejuvenating break!