Celebrating Our Partnership

With Faculty & Staff During National School Counselor Week!

Today's Theme: Academic Planning

A big component of our work with students is around their Four-Year Plans, connecting their goals interests to the opportunities available at WHS and beyond. After February Break, counselors will be meeting with all students individually to help them develop and expand upon those plans. Meaningful conversations between students and teachers around their course recommendations and curricular interests also play a big part in this process. With the formal and informal conversations we all have with students, we add a valuable hand in helping them connect their academic decisions today to their individual paths tomorrow.

Academic Planning Objective of the Day:

Students will understand that classes in high school may be directly and/or indirectly relevant to their lives.

Here's an example:

Real World Uses of Algebra

Here are some other Academic Planning Objectives in the School Counseling Program:

What is your approach to supporting students in their academic planning?

We'd love to hear from you and continue to strengthen our partnership!