Life Skills:

The things I need to know to adult

The Three Most Useful Things I learned

Some of the things I learned in this class were very useful and I would need to know for when I am an adult. I learned what is required on a job application, what not to do at a job interview, and how to maintain a good credit score.

Before being taught, I did not know some of the things required for a job application. I learned about who you can have as references on your application and how you get them.

In order to get a reference correctly, you must ask the person you want to use as a reference before you write them down as one. Also, your reference can not be your parents, grandparents, siblings or friend. They may however be a teacher, aunt/ uncle or more distant relative, a family friend, or a past employer/ co-worker.

Some very helpful tips of what not to do at a job interview include don't come smelling gross, wear flamboyant clothing or dress like a slob.

Before an interview you should should shower and put on deodorant, do not come in smelling like a truck jockey who has been on the road for months or like you sprayed yourself with a can and a half of Axe. The goal is not to make your possible near future boss gag on the smell of armpit and death or the smell of teenage boy.

Do not dress flamboyantly for your interview. An example of what not to wear is your hunter orange shirt and highlighter yellow shorts with socks and sandals or your sagging jeans with your matching "$w@g" shirt and hat with a bunch of gold necklaces.

Do not dress like a slob for your interview. An example of what would be dressing like a slob is sweatpants, messy bun, t-shirt with a stain from last nights pizza and sandals with socks.

To maintain a good credit score you need to be able to pay the full amount you owe at the end of each month on your credit card, pay back loans, and pay all of your bills. To successfully pay all of the money you owe at the end of each month, you should only use your credit card for smaller purchases such as your phone bill and groceries. You should not use your credit card to buy large things that you can't pay back fully at the end of the month such as a house, boat, or an expensive vacation. Paying everything in full at the end of the month will boost your credit card score up to what is considered a good score or higher.

This information will help me When I am an adult with my daily activities. Not only will I know what to do for an interview but I know what will be expected throughout my career. I also will know how to keep my credit score up so I am able to buy a car or house without losing it. My parents lost our house in November to the bank and I was wondering how I could prevent that happening to my future family so I don't have to put them through that stress, and you have taught me the basics of how to keep up my credit score so I can do that in the future, thank you.

Stuff I Would Have Liked To Learn

Some things that I would have liked to learn that all schools fail to teach students even though they will soon be forced into the outside world are how to do taxes, how to buy a house, and how to manage your money so you're not living paycheck to paycheck.

By Racheal Bievenour