Simon Birch

By: Natalie Nelson

Simon Birch

Simon was born with an under born heart. Simon is very short, and most people think he is really cute. Simon is also on the same baseball team as his friend, Joe. They get along together and seem like brothers. He is funny, but serious and sarcastic at the same time. He is also sorry for his actions. Others don't think he is normal. He talks more than he should, and says things he should keep to himself. Simon feels sorry that his hit killed Joe's mom. Joe isn't as nice to Simon as he was before. Simon states, "I helped you break in"(Simon Birch). Simon feels bad that he hit the ball that killed Joe's mom. So therefore he doesn't want Joe to get all the blame for throwing a trophy into the glass window. Photo Credit:

Don't let actions hurt and ruin you

Simon states, "The reason is Joe went physco"(Simon Birch). After he hit the ball and killed Joe's mom, Joe has been different. He went in Mr.Baker's office and opened a cabinet, a bunch of balls rolled out, except for one. It was the baseball that killed his mom. He was upset and hurt that Mr.Baker had the ball, so he threw the ball and a trophy into the window and shattered the glass. He was hurt. It relates to the theme because Simon's hit killed Joe's mom, Joe is hurt and when he saw the baseball, it causes him to break down.

Simon's Story