Middle school

Middle school (an idea)

Middle school is different in so many ways but there are also different middle schools. Joplin middle school is sixth grade through eighth grade but legally sixth grade is not part of middle school. In Webb City grades 5th through 6th is middle school and 7th and 8th are junior high.

Joplin Middle school

Even in joplin they are not all the same the grades are the same but East middle school, is different from North and South because we have houses and block schedules these are each different and have to do with grades and classes. A House- is were a certain grade is located they have Math, English, Science, etc. a house has everything except electives (Orchestra, Choir, Band, Cooking, etc.). Block scheduling- This is were we have 4-5 classes a day, on A-B-days we have one elective and an encore class, we also have the class that we have to take both days (math, english, etc.) On Fridays we have every class, the class that we take both days we take twice (A1,B1,A2,B2,A3,B3,Encore,A4,B4) we Only have encore for about twenty minutes because even though we have it everyday it is a short class unlike our other class it only consist of forty minutes on a regular day.


Sadly in middle school there is no recess, but there is lunch and the lunch here lasts twice as long as the lunch in elementary we have a 30 minute lunch, in lunch we can walk around the gym or sometimes even go outside. After we eat we can either stay in the lunch room or go to the gym


The sports are each separated by school and each school has there own football team, volleyball team, wrestling team, basketball team, cross country, track, and Cheer. You can't actually play until 7th grade, This is a law this 7th grade law is also required with certain things like district honor Orchestra and marching band.