China a Command Economy country

By: Heather G.

What are the benefits of your economic system and why should people want it?

Some benefits of the command economy are stable salaries,for example doctors and restaurant workers make the same.Another benefit is Basic needs provided such as free health care and promotes social goals.Individuals should want this economy because many people do not like paying health care and they would not have too in this economy.People should also want to have this economy because promotes social goals,for instance people want to work for money not to work for nothing.

The facts:

My economy is controlled by the government.The government decides what to produce? How to produce it? and Who to produce it for? People are paid all the same weather your a doctor or a target employee.These decisions are made for the purpose of promoting social goals:for the good of society.

Command Economy
Command Economy Song
There are some cons on command economy but does not necessarily mean its a bad thing.Government control is considered a bad con,but some individuals simply do not care or actually support this. Another con is does not allow for individuality and sometimes hard to organize. Many things are sometimes hard to organize but that does not make it a bad thing because sometimes you have to do more work.These cons are just based on the way a certain person sees it in their mind.
  • " Let the government command, while you stand "
  • " Fair pay, every way "
  • " Basic needs provided, you should be excited "
  • " There's no need for greed "