Maybury Weekly News

8.30.21: Keeping Families Informed and in the KNOW!

Welcome to Week 3 Maybury Families and Scholars!

Please take time each week to read through the weekly SMORE as this is the best way to stay informed and in the know about happenings on campus and other important information. The SMORE has the ability to be updated in real time so we always advise that you click the "view in browser" link in your email so you're always reading the most accurate and up to date information. Always be SURE to read under the NEW INFORMATION section and anything below it before recurring information so you're best informed!

Fast Fact

On August 30th, 1983, Lt. Col. Guion S. Bluford Jr., the first Black US astronaut, enters space!

New Information


  • Please be mindful that your scholar is considered tardy and needs to be signed in as of 8:31 am.


  • Please ensure you are picking your scholar up and/or have made arrangements to have them picked up promptly at 3:30 which is our dismissal time. There are no adults present on campus after 4:00 pm. Late pick ups will result in a verbal reminder, written warning and then we will need to contact Columbus City Police Department and/or Child Protective Services for further incidents.

Early Pickup

  • While we understand that scholars have doctor's appointments and other things that require them to leave early, please keep in mind that late drop off's and early pick-ups do result in scholars losing instructional time. The Ohio Department of Education tracks scholar instructional time in hours so consistently dropping off late and/or picking up early affects their attendance. If it is a necessary appointment, please provide the front office with appropriate documentation so that your scholar is excused.

Combined Grade Level Classes

  • Due to a high number of scholars in our kindergarten and 3rd grade class, we have done a combination class of K/1 scholars and 2/3 scholars. Letters were sent home to families who have been affected by this change. If you received the letter or a phone call, your scholar begins in his/her new classroom tomorrow. The principal and front office manager will be available tomorrow to help with the transition and answer any questions you may have. Some information regarding combined classes has been provided for you below.


Combined classes group scholars from two or more consecutive grades in one classroom. Schools combine classes for a variety of reasons. This includes organizing classes to meet scholar learning needs and combining grades to balance class size. All classrooms include scholars with a range of skills and abilities. Combined classes are neither better nor worse than single-grade classes. They are simply one of the many ways schools meet scholars’ academic and social development needs.


We consider a variety of factors when grouping scholars into classes, including learning styles, social skills, academic needs and many other factors. All classrooms, whether single-grade or combined, include scholars performing at a range of achievement levels. We strive to create a classroom environment that will support the needs of all scholars.


Teachers use many different strategies to teach scholars in combined grades. They may: Introduce a common topic then give each grade a different task or problem or even break scholars into groups to study different problems and report back to the class. These groups can be flexible, including scholars with varied interests and skills.

New Scholar Enrollment CHALLENGE for Current Families

  • You are already aware of our initial incentive for enrollment which is where if you refer a family for enrollment and they actually enroll and attend, you will receive a FREE A+ t-shirt AND your name will be put into a raffle to receive a $100 gift card during our APTT night drawing in September. Please help spread the word and direct potential future families to our enrollment link which is listed below right after recurring weekly information. #PLA #A+ARTS #whereALLscholarsNEEDtobe! #transformationalchange! Now let's UP THE ANTE and see which of our families is going for the GOLD!

  • For any current family that brings us 1 new enrollment THIS WEEK, your scholar AND you will both receive a FREE A+ shirt. If you bring us 2 new enrollments THIS WEEK, you receive the free shirts AND your scholar receives a FREE dress down day on Friday. If you bring us 3 new enrollments THIS WEEK, you receive the FREE shirts, your scholar gets a FREE dress down Friday AND a FREE brand new book of your scholar's choice from our onsite book box! If you bring us 4 new enrollments THIS WEEK, you get all the above plus treated to breakfast or lunch courtesy of Mrs. Benn! If you bring us 5 new enrollments THIS WEEK, you get ALL the above PLUS your scholar will receive $100 scholar dollar reward on Kickboard. If you bring us 6 new enrollment THIS WEEK, you will receive a $50.00 gift card! 7+ new enrollment puts you up for the ultimate grand prize of a $500 gift card! Who is up for the challenge?????? Talk to your family members and talk to your friends! They don't want to miss out on the AMAZING things that are going to occur at the Maybury campus this year......remember we are "Under Construction," so the possibilities are ENDLESS and who doesn't want to be a part of something PHENOMENAL in the making? Why wait for a raffle when the above is GUARANTEED? #PLA #APLUSARTS #Witnessinggreatnessinthemaking

Recurring Weekly Information

The school day runs Monday-Friday from 8:00-3:30 pm. Breakfast will be served from 8:00-8:30. Masks are required for staff and scholars so please plan accordingly.

    • COVID Guidelines: All scholars and staff must wear masks in the building. Please make sure your child has their own mask and that he/she is keeping it on and know it should cover their nose.

    • Visitors will not be allowed in the building during school hours. This is for the health and safety of all scholars and staff. This includes parents/guardians. If you have a specific need we will meet you at the front door to best serve you.

    • Your scholar may bring a refillable water bottle to school as we now have COVID safe, touchless drinking fountains.

    Transportation Issues

    • There have been several transportation issues with Columbus City Schools in regard to buses not running their am routes due to a driver shortage and most recently not doing pickup in the afternoons. Please take time out of your day to contact transportation and inform them of your issues and request that you be notified when routes change, pick up or drop off changes on their end and so forth. Unfortunately, transportation issues are not in the realm of our control, however we do fully understand the frustration this situation is causing our families. Contact transportation @ 614-365-5074

    • Uniforms- Scholars will be required to wear uniforms this school year. Scholars may wear ANY color colored polo shirt (A+ logo NOT required) along with Khaki, Blue or Black pants. No hoodies, slides or open toed shoes.

    • Cell Phones- Scholars will not be permitted to carry or use cell phones during school hours. Teachers will have scholars drop their phones in a box upon entry into their classrooms every morning. Any scholar caught with a phone during school hours will have it confiscated and we will only return the phone to a parent/guardian.

    • Proof of Residency- if we haven't received your Proof of Residency yet, your scholar is NOT fully enrolled. This can be a copy of a utility bill or first page of your lease. Please take a picture and email to Scholars cannot begin school until this is completed.

    Dress Down Day

    • Scholars may dress down and wear jeans every Friday for $1.00. All other days, scholars MUST be in the appropriate uniform.


    • Kickboard is the platform we use to track scholar behavior. Scholars will begin receiving their "scholar dollar" reports every Friday. Those scholars that return with a signed copy of their report on Monday will begin the week with an additional $5.00! Please reach out to your scholar's teacher if you need login information.

    Class Dojo

    • Class Dojo is utilized to communicate large class level messages and to individually reach out to parents. Contact your scholar's teacher if you need access to Dojo as well.

    A+ Arts Academy: Where the PLUS means so much MORE!

    A+ Arts Academy provides a personalized elementary and junior high school education for scholars in kindergarten through eighth grade. The PLUS stands for our school environment. Your child will be safe, protected, cared for and nurtured in an atmosphere that rewards learning, self-respect and dignity.

    The mission of our schools is to be known for producing responsible and accountable scholars who demonstrate a strong sense of self-worth, leadership and moral values, ultimately becoming exceptional citizens. We serve scholars and families at three beautiful campuses in the Columbus, Ohio area:

    Fair Campus K-6 | 1395 Fair Ave., Columbus OH 43205 | 614.725.1305

    Maybury Campus K-6 | 2633 Maybury Rd., Columbus OH 43232 | 614.626.2250

    Napoleon Campus 7 & 8 | 270 S. Napoleon Ave., Columbus, OH 43213 | 614.338.0767