Beautiful Basset Hounds

Not so fast, before we go into the world of Basset Hounds

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Basset hounds are one of the only dogs with droopy

ears. Isn’t that a cool fact. I know, after I found that which was about when I first laid my eyes on a Basset Hound.Now that is a long time! Bassets are related to a famous dog the Beagle. In this very article you will learn about some general basset hound facts, some basset hound behavior, and how to train your very own Basset Hound. Sometimes Basset Hounds are hard to train. Just a helpful tip to know about basset hounds.

General Facts about Bassets

Did you know that basset hounds aren’t just one color they are usually three to four colors. They are brown, black, white, and a reddish brown color. Bassets might be short but their length makes up for it. Females range in height from 11 inches to 14 inches. Males range in height from 12 inches to 15 inches. And don’t forget their weight, they aren’t as light as thin air. Females range in weight from 44 pounds to 60 pounds. Males range in weight from 51 pounds to 64 pounds. That is two facts for you to know. Now for their age average. Bassets range in age from 10 years old to 13 years old. Now that is old for a cute dog. But the fun doesn’t end here. What are they known for?! Bassets are known for hare or rabbit hunting and the best and most lovable family dog you will ever encounter. I have known these from mind, and heart.

Basset Hound Behavoir

If you are looking for a lazy, sleepy, and sometimes stubborn dog you are the right place. Basset hounds are just that. For example bassets love to just sleep. Now I wish I were a basset hound. Bassets are not always like this. For example, when they are sick. They don’t like to eat, move or play. On the other hand when basset hounds are excited they are crazy bassets love meeting new people. When basset hounds are mad or upset it starts with a low growl then the teeth show finally the teeth snap super fast. Same way for when they feel overprotective, but don’t be scared they are friendly dogs.

Training Your Basset

If you want a trained dog you need to train it. Same for a basset hound they aren’t pre trained once they are born. Bassets are food or treat motivated. They will run up to you for a treat. You can trick them like the classic put pills in the food trick. That will get the pill down. Wouldn’t stick to wake up needing to clean up pee or number two. Yeah, train them to go to the bathroom outside not inside. If you don’t like dog hair in your bed you need to train these sneaky dogs to not get up but stay down. Bassets are, well in my opinion, a little harder to train. If you stay consistent you will have a better basset hound puppy experience.


Bassets have been in my family for more than ten years. The breed basset hounds are always in my heart. If you can’t find a dog get a basset hound. Bassets are always in my heart from when I was born to now. I love bassets. Go get one of your own. I hope you learned more about bassets.

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