Visit the andros barrier reef! (July 2-7)

Flight Options

US Airways: $669

American Airlines: $669

Delta: $594

Attractions and activities

  • Andros reef diving
  • Reel tight charter fishing
  • Blue holes freshwater
  • Somerset beach
  • Andros wall (underwater wall people dive to)

Food Options

Fine dining:

  • Nobu (Japanese)
  • Dune (french Asian)
  • Mesa Grill (Southwestern)

Casual dining:

  • Mosaic (Mediterranean)
  • Seagrapes (BBQ and Caribbean)
  • Bimini Road (Caribbean)

Quick eats:

  • Ben & Jerry's
  • Johnny Rockets
  • Quiznos
  • Starbucks
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Warnings and Risks

  • Advised to be careful along rocks
  • Do not swim past buoys
  • Taxis charge ridiculous amounts for small things you don't realize (pets, ect.)
  • Vendors can be sketchy
  • Know who to call if in medical emergency