by Xavier Kohl

Interest Description

My interest is drawing. My grandpa is a painter. He wanted me to try to paint, i wasn't good at it so he showed me drawing techniques. I really liked it so i learned and learned and now I'm really good at it. I try to teach my little brother to do it so he can also be good at it. No, I am not part of a community with drawing. I see myself in the future still drawing but not becoming an artist like Leonardo Da Vinci.

Interest information

My favorite type of drawing is shading. Shading took me awhile to do because if you push too light, the shading will not really show. If you shade too dark, you have to press hard and then you will have led all over your hand. Sometimes I do cartoon drawings like Mickey M

ouse. My grandpa takes a big part in this because he was the one who inspired me to draw. My dad also taught me some drawings.


One of my groups are the gamers. We get together and vs. each other for awhile. Another one of my groups are the builders. We build with legos and talk to each other. I mostly hang out with my friends that are there.
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