You're Invited to ERB Testing!

Ms. Rosenfeld's Class

Ms. Rosenfeld's ERB Testing Class Pledge

I promise I will not stress out about the ERB!

I promise to try my best and answer every question!

I promise I will leave school with a smile on my face!

I promise I will stay positive!

ERB Testing

Monday, March 16th, 8am

Hochberg Preparatory School Room 204

Please make sure you are at school by 8:00am tomorrow!

What to Bring!

1. Your iPad fully charged and your charger

2. A bottle of water

3. A few snacks

4. A smile

5. A positive attitude

6. You!

Final Notes

I can't wait to see everyone with a smile on their face tomorrow morning! If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know!

-Ms. Rosenfeld