Local News Update

Population Law Repealed

Luke Garner Saves the Day

Lee Grant stole some food from a field to prove to the population police that there is enough food to feed everyone, even third children. He was inspired by Jen to earn rights for third children as she died trying.They wanted to fight for this because if they were a third child they would be killed if found. Lee Grant started fighting for third children rights one year after his good friend, Jen, had died. Lee Grant was a third child who lived on a farm. His real name was Luke Garner. The population law has been repealed because of him.

Luke Garner Dead!!!

How he Died

Lee Grant {Luke Garner} died in a tragic accident. He was in a car when he got hit by a train. His funeral was very sad and all 3rd children attended it in honor of his bravery and determination. His name will never go in vain. He will never be forgotten for his heroic acts.