Hands & Hearts

Supporting & Serving StMCS thru Fundraising & Volunteering


Fundraising is an important part of our annual revenue stream and it helps keep tuition affordable. Meeting our 2019-20 fundraising goal of $225,000 will save approximately 15% per student in tuition this year.

We operate in good faith that our goals will be met and we set our tuition with that savings already applied. Therefore, your help and participation becomes essential in order for us to succeed. Lending a hand by leading or working at fundraising events is needed and so is your enthusiastic participation! We will communicate our target goal for each event and keep you informed of our progress throughout the year.

Three key events that help us meet our fundraising goal are the annual Marathon (October), the Catholic Schools Raffle (winter), and Bids for Kids (spring), along with additional fun events. Our marathon is the first fundraising event of the year and comes quickly. Please see the reminder regarding the minimum requirement for every family.

Marathon Reminder

Our Catholic school marathon has been a tradition for over 40 years! It is a fun community event and is one of our simplest fundraisers. As noted on your registration, families are required to meet a monetary goal for our annual Marathon. Many do this with a spirit of friendly competition and work to exceed this requirement.

  • The monetary commitment per family is $375 in marathon pledges and is expected to be met by the end of November 2019.
  • Most families meet this goal through pledges, some use a company match and others pay it directly with a tax deductible donation.
  • Unmet commitments will be invoiced and due upon receipt.

We are in need of a few more members of our leadership team. Please email Danise Dembouski today if you can help in this capacity! It will meet your first event requirement! Watch for more marathon details coming your way soon!

Essential 3 Volunteer Requirements

Whether completing your Event Commitment Requirements or volunteering in the school, all volunteers must complete the Archdiocesan mandated Essential 3 prior to volunteering at school and then renew every three years.

See http://www.stmcatholicchurch.org/volunteering for instructions.

E3 Contact: Barb Jesser, 763-497-3887 or bjesser@stmcatholicschool.org

How to sign up for All Opportunities

This year, signing up for both "Event Requirements" and "Volunteering" will again be done on SignupGenius.com. Signups will open at 7 pm on Monday, August 12th. We are happy to have a one-stop place for all of your involvement activities, however, we also want to be sure that everyone understands not all opportunities within the platform will meet your event requirements as described above.

To help distinguish between the two, Event Requirements (2 required by all) will always be listed with a BLUE background (think "2 blue") while volunteering (not required but greatly needed) will always be listed with a RED background on SignUpGenius.com.

Access our events at https://www.signupgenius.com/index.cfm?go=c.SignUpSearch&eid=0FC4CDD6F9C9FD60&cs=09B5BADB8FB98B637B06640E5BB29BCE&sortby=l.title

* Please remember that when you sign up in either category, people are counting on you. It is each family's responsibility to find a replacement if, for some reason, you cannot fulfill your event requirement or volunteer spot.

If you need assistance with SignUpGenius, Contact:

Danise Dembouski at 651-373-0550 or ddembouski@stmcatholicschool.org.