My Civilization

By Joshua Reyes


My Civilization is called Juniorville, and is located in Los Angeles, California. My Civilization has topographic features like the Salton Sea, The Mojave Desert, and The Channel Islands. Our most common natural disaster is an Earthquake, and we have a population of 3.884 million people.


My Civilization has a Social Class consisting of Masters, Mercenaries, and Slaves. The Masters are at the top of the Social Class, they are able to hire Mercenaries for protection and they ran the military. The Mercenaries were in the middle of the Social Class, they protected the civilization and worked in the military. The Slaves were at the bottom of the Social Class, they mostly worked in the field and got shelter for their labor.


My Civilization uses cryptokeys as money. We have a scarcity of Oil and Phones, and a surplus of engine parts, and diamonds. My civilization has jobs like mining and farming.


My Civilization has an Aristocracy Government. My Civilization is ruled by the upper class. The citizens in my Civilization have to pay taxes, respect the law, get an education, and vote. My Civilization has a Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branch. My Civilization has a police department and a military that protects or Civilization.