In-House Positions

October 2015

Education Specialist

As we approach parent teacher conferences in November, please help teachers in your school be on top of the assessment process so they do not feel too overwhelmed. You will want to encourage them to begin assessing now, so they make sure they have enough data to do it confidently. Now is also a good time to review the Teaching Strategies Gold Assessment book and answer any questions teachers may have about it. The Education Department is always available to answer any questions you or anyone in your building have. Teachers also should be reminded that they should fill out a Parent Teacher Conversation Tool for every child in their class, even if the parent declines a conference. Children’s strengths should be included and then an aspect or two that the teacher is actively working on with the child. We are parents first exposure to conferences and we want to set a positive tone before they enter the school system! The assessment books are available to order through the Purchasing Department ( and come in sets of 25. The Parent Teacher Conversation Tool is available for Program Directors to order off OEX (EDU12520 Parent Teacher Conversation – Varsity, EDU12537 Parent Teacher Conversation - YP/PS/PK, EDU12538 Parent Teacher Conversation - Infant/Toddler, and EDU15820 Parent Teacher Conversation- Montessori).

Education Specialist Webinar

Please join us for our next Education Specialist Webinar on 10/21 at 1:00. We will be reviewing parent teacher conferences, strategies for circle time, a few curriculum components and announcing the winners from our Flip This Center- Blocks contest.

Health, Safety and Licensing Coordinator

Playground Equipment and Play Areas:

The playground equipment must be inspected on a daily basis before the children use it.

There are several things to look for during your inspection, here are just a few:

· Visible cracks, rusting or breakage of any equipment

· Deformation of open hooks, rings or links

· Worn swing hangers and chains

· Missing or damaged and loose swing seats

· Protruding bolt ends that have lost caps or covers

· Worn or scattered surfacing material ( you should rake or fluff the surfacing material each day)

· Chipped or peeling paint

· Beehives and wasp nests

· Anthills

· Debris

Each time a group of children come out to the playground, the equipment should be checked for hot surfaces as the equipment can become extremely hot and can cause burns on the skin.

Be sure to check for blind spots and broken or unlatched gates before classrooms go out to play. Children are naturally curious, and when they see something that is beyond the play area that they want to explore, they will find an opening in a gate or walk to an area where a caregiver is not able to see. Caregivers need to make sure children are not able to leave the play area without permission, and proper supervision of the children must occur at all times.

Compliance Auditor

I-9 Compliance – Some FAQ’s

A part of the Compliance Auditor’s role is to maintain the I-9 binder for their center. Here are just a few FAQ’s that often come up with the administration of I-9 forms.

Can the employer (Rainbow) specify WHICH documents the employee can present for the completion of the I-9 form?

NO. The employer can present a copy of the lists for A, B & C and ask the employee to provide the necessary documents. If an employee is unsure or asks you what to bring, then state, “most of our employee’s provide a passport or a driver’s license and a social security card to satisfy I-9 requirements, do you need to see the list of acceptable documents?”

Can I (Rainbow) terminate an employee for failing to provide the required documents within 3 days of date of hire?

YES. It is a mandatory legal requirement that I-9 forms be completed in full no later than 3 days from the date of hire. If the employee fails to produce the needed documents, their employment should be terminated.

Can an employee present photo copies (non-original) of documents for I-9 purposes?

NO. An employee MUST present original documents for inspection. The only exception is a birth certificate; it must however be a certified copy from the appropriate state or local records office.

Rainbow Representative

Connecting with families is a very important part of each day. We only see a child’s parent(s) for a few minutes every day, but those minutes are the time that can create strong, loyal, and lasting partnerships. Make the most of that time by greeting them and sharing something exciting, funny, or new that their child did that day.

Each month we will continue to provide ideas as well as general tips for connecting with staff and families. We would also love to hear your ideas and see your hard work! Please send ideas and pictures of completed activities to

Staff Appreciation Idea- “Attitudes are contagious, make yours worth catching!” October 24th is Make a Difference Day; Create a list of ideas, activities, and kind gestures that could be done to “Make a Difference” in your center, such as complimenting a new gallery board, smiling, offering to help carry something or complete a task, picking up a piece of trash (that isn’t yours), complimenting a person, making a card or leaving a nice note, etc. Post the list in the break room and encourage the staff to “Make a Difference” every day!

Family Connection Idea- Fall offers many unique opportunities to connect with families. Plan a family and staff connection event at an apple orchard on a Saturday morning. Encourage both staff and families to meet at the orchard and spend some time getting to know one another and enjoying a nice day out. This is a creative way to build positive connections in a relaxed environment.