The Tea Act , 1773

By Taijah Elizares and Maria Velasquez

What is the Tea Party Act

An Act to allow customs on the exportation of tea to any of his majesty's colonies or plantations in America ; To increase the deposit sold at the India Company's Sales ; And tyo grant license to the East India Company to Export Tea Duty Fee.

The Day of the Act

The Tea Act passed by parliament on May 10, 1773 granted the British East India Company Tea a monopoly on Tea sales in the American colonies. This was what ultimately compelled a group of sons of Liberty Members on the night of December 16, 1773 to disguise themselves as Mohawk Indians , board three ships moored in Boston Harbor, and destroy over 92,000 pounds of Tea. The Tea Act was the final straw in a series of unpopular policies and taxes imposed by Britain on her american colonies.