Life Skills

What I learned in 2016.

Job Applications

I learned how to correctly write a job application and how to behave during a job interview.

1. Always tell the truth.

2. Fill out everything that applies to you.

3. Remember to be formal and polite during a job interview.


I learned what checks are and how to fill them out.

1. Name and Address: Helps to identify your account.

2. Check Number: Each check is assigned a number in sequential order.

3. Bank Name: Name of the bank that the check writer belongs to.

4. Routing Number: 9 digit number that identifies your bank.

5. Account Number: Assigned to you by your bank to identify your account.

6. Date: The day that you write or sign the check.

7. Payee: The business/person who receives the check.

8. Written Amount: The value of your check written in numbers.

9. Legal Amount: The value of your check written in words.

10. Memo: A short note reminding the writer why they wrote the check.

11. Signature: The check is not valid until it is signed.

Checks are very useful for donating and for paying other people. This is what I would do in the future with checks.

Deposit Slips

I learned the parts of a deposit slip and how to fill one out.

1. Your custom account number is already printed on the slip.

2. You must fill out the date and your name.

3. You must fill out the deposit boxes.

3. If you want cash back, you have to sign the slip.

Bank Accountant

This could be a possible career for me because I now know if a check or deposit slip is complete and eligible to be cashed in. I would also learn more about different kinds of currency.


I would have liked to learn more about stocks because they can allow normal civilians to make money by studying the stock market. People should know when they could lose money and when they could make money.

Most Important Information

I think that the most important thing that we learned in Business is learning about credit cards. Most of the adult U.S. population owns a credit card, so it is very important to learn how to correctly use one and to also keep a good credit score.
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