A Solution For Drug Abuse

By Hannah Reaux & Donna Middendorf

A problem in the U.S. Is that millions of people are abusing the use of drugs and that ruins it for the ones on medical care that require the use of drugs like marijuana, morphine, etc. It even effects the people around that you can destroy relationships with like your family, friends, and your children.


More than 23 million citizens (12 yrs. old & older) are using drugs, but only 2.6 million citizens are using drugs for treatment because of a disease they have.

Its takes a little more than good intentions and strong will to stop the use of drugs.


Since this is a big issue for the public, there are ways we can help as national community to help stop drug abuse.

  • We can donate money to organizations that help reslove the issue
  • Vollunteer at a rehab center to help those that are trying to recover