The One Humped Camel

By Ella Hedderman

when, what, who, why, how the One Humped Camel got introduced to Australia.

In 1840 the first camel, Harry came to Australia and was the only survivor of a group of camels. After he got executed more camels arrived in Australia for desert transport since they can travel long distances in the heat. They were brought in by Afghani railway builders.

Impact on environment/land.

Firstly they were brought for transport so they won't need to bring in smelly transport such as cars. But then the One Humped Camels started to breed and ate many Native plants such as Wattle And Bottle Brush. They also turn on water hydrants which leads to droughts and the plants that are in need of water will die.

impact on people/farmers.

One Humped Camels are a threat to farmers as they are eating all of their crops which they sell to people for money as well as just normal people since they depend on the farm crops. They knock down fences for the cattle to be able to escape and also the One Humped Camels drink all of the farm animals water. They also are knocking street poles down which causes havoc on the streets and roads which causes traffic and crashes.

Impact on Native Animals.

One Humped Camels can trample all of the plants that many Native Animals rely or depend on and then some can even die if the water supplies are down.