the perfect place to go see a large variety of wildlife

Come over here to Finland!

Finland, a slightly mild Scandinavian country, is a great country for Skiing. It also has many great and small lakes, so come here if you like fish. You are certainly going to have an adventure in Finland's forests with the large amount of wildlife!

The Wonderful Holidays of Finland

There are many holidays in Finland. Some of the major ones are Jan 1, New Years Day, Dec 6, Independance Day, and Dec 25, Christmas Day.

The Delightful Foods Served in Finland

The Climate of Finland

Finland summers have an average temperature of 13 to 17 degrees celsius, or 55.4 to 62.6 degrees fahrenheit. While that is a mild temperature, be sure to pack warm clothes because the temperatures in winter range from -30 to -50 degrees celsius, or -22 to -58 degrees fahrenheit.

The Finnish Languages and Phrases

Finland is a bilingual country, meaning there are two main languages in Finland; Finnish and Swedish. Here are some common Finnish phrases:

Hello - Terve; How are You? - Mita kuuluu?; (response) - Hyvää kiitos, entä sinulle?; What's your name? - Mika sinun nimesi on?; My name is... - Nimenne on...;

The Big Cities

There are a few big cities in Finland. Here are some:

Helsinki, pop. 558,457 Espoo, pop. 256,760

Tampere, pop. 202,687 Vantaa, pop. 190058

Turku, pop. 175,945

Awesome Places to Go to in Finland

Transportation Methods of Finland

The preferred airport of Finland is the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, as you'll arrive at the capital city, Helsinki. From there, you can take a car to some of the other cities, including:

Espoo, a 30 minute drive 12 miles away,

Tampere, about a 2 hour drive 110.7 miles away, or

Vantaa, a 20 minute drive 11.8 miles away.