HDI of Taiwan

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Taiwan's HDI

Taiwan has a great HDI at 0.882.

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Note: Taiwan's HDI is not calculated by the UN

About HDI

You already saw Taiwan's HDI, but what does that mean? The HDI, or Human Development Index, is a rating system created by the United Nations to show whether a country is developed, developing, or underdeveloped. HDI ratings can go up to 1, which nobody has achieved yet.


In the future, I believe that the HDI of Taiwan would increase due to a number factors. These factors include more high paying jobs, rebuilding of poorer communities, and others.


Taiwan is a 'Very High Human Development' country which means the same as a Developed country.

When compared to Asia, Taiwan ranks 6th, close behind Japan. Compared to the world, it would rank 21st.

Taiwan is above average in both comparisons.