The Nile River

Facts about the nile river

Physical features

The Nile is a the longest river in the world. It is 6,853 kilometers long and it is located in northeastern Africa. It flows from south to north and two of the six cataracts were in ancient Egypt. The Nile is often shaped like the lotus flower in Egyptian art.

Daily life

They had homes made from mud bricks. People fished in the Nile for food. Wealthy families built pools for fish and lotuses. Most people were farmers and had livestock.

Nile pictures

Calendar and farming from the Nile

The Nile was what they based their calendar on. The flooding season, the planting and the harvesting season. The flooding left rich black soil which was good for crops. They grew Barley and wheat around the Nile which was grown with water taken from the Nile by irrigation

Transportation and trade on the Nile

The Nile was like the Egyptians highway. They traded wild animal skins, gold and many other things along the Nile river. Egypt was the wealthiest country in ancient times. Traded with middle eastern countries for many things.