RES Staff Update

January 22-26, 2018

Staff Dress for This Week

Monday-Professional Dress

Tuesday-Team Shirt Tuesday with jeans or professional dress

Wednesday-Professional dress

Thursday-Professional dress

Friday-College shirts with jeans

LA Vertical Team Meeting (Changes)

The LA vertical team meeting for Wednesday, January 24 is going to only include those that served on the writing committee that met a couple of months ago to address our long-term writing plan. This will be a follow-up to that meeting to target the first area to address for a school-wide writing plan. That topic will then be shared with all staff. If you were on this committee and you are not able to attend this meeting, please let Jane Balsam know.

Measuring Growth for Our Students

As you meet with your IS for data meetings, they will be sharing a very specific form that will allow you to analyze individual student data and classroom data. While we have iXplore to show us data, it does not put the data in a format that allows us to measure growth. I will be sharing how this is critical to our campus. We all know that we have been focusing on growth for our students (as we should be), and this is a great tool that I was gifted while at the ASCD conference. Once you've used this form to plot your students, you will have a tool to help measure their specific growth. We will discuss this topic, along with our NEW accountability system at our February 2nd staff meeting.

Calendar Updates

If you did not record the events from last week's RES Staff Update, please look back over that to make the changes to your calendar. These are additional changes that you'll need to make on your calendar. Thank you for keeping up with these important dates.

January 23-
Grades due & Technology Audit (Please read the email that was sent on Friday by Sally Hall--very important!)

January 30- Report cards go home (rescheduled from Jan. 26)

January 31- Our staff picture will be at 8:00 that morning (same day as group pictures). You'll receive the group picture schedule this week. Please look over this the day you receive it to make sure there are no conflicts. Sometimes the time you receive is not ideal; however, we all must be flexible to make it work. With even more classes this year, it will be even more difficult to fit everyone in at a time they prefer. Thank you in advance for your flexibility.

March 1- E-track (rescheduled from January 17)

Upcoming Lip Sync Battles

I know our students will greatly enjoy this upcoming event. If you are not looking forward to "performing", remember there are back-up singer options, and as a hint, a really great disguise seems to help. Believe me, you cannot mess up. Please turn in your team's songs for this battle by Friday. We need to be sure we have songs that have appropriate lyrics (sometimes Kids Bop versions will work if there are a couple of words that are a little shaky), and we don't want to have repeats. If team leaders know already which songs you'll be performing, we'll get those from you at the team leader morning.

Schedule for Lip Sync Battles (in the cafeteria) on Friday, February 2nd

2:00 4th & 5th

2:30 2nd & 3rd

3:00 PK, Kindergarten & 1st

Thank You

Thank you to our Pre-K, PPCD, kindergarten & 1st-grade teams for treating us to delicious snacks on Friday.

Thank you to Jamie Smith (Beth Smith's husband) for including us in her 50th birthday celebration by bringing in Gigi's cupcakes!

Revised Schedule for Grades and Report Cards

With the days missed last week, we learned that grades are now due Tuesday, January 23. Report cards will go home on Tuesday, January 30.


Please take note of the special Twitter challenges below. The first one begins Monday, January 22.

All that attended the Saturday EdCamp were granted a "surprise" of a #winner t-shirt. Although they gave up 4 1/2 hours of their Saturday morning to focus on many technology-related topics, I'm sure they'll agree with me that the morning went quickly. It was an awesome experience to participate in this unique PD format where the topics for the courses were generated right there at the conference. We were all able to have casual conversations with other educators about common interests. The topics were determined by not only what people had an interest in discussing, but also by what topics people felt proficient in sharing. I attended topics on: genius hour, google tips & tricks, educational leadership book chats, and tools for great PD. If you are interested in learning more, there is a twitter page (@edcampcyfair) that has a link to a website where you'll find the schedule. If you look at the schedule, you can click on the topics, and you will be able to read the notes that were shared and recorded. The district is definitely planning to hold an edcamp again next year, and I'm sure it will be a great success. There were over 400 participants who attended from a variety of districts. Congrats to: Amanda Norwood, Jane Balsam, and John Edmun for earning their #winner shirt for being attendees this year!


Updated: Our first week of E-track will kick off on Wednesday. Your rosters will be ready for you on Tuesday. Thank you all for working swiftly to make this happen. Please take time to take pictures of your students engaged in your class. You may save them on the staff drive. I'll create a folder just for these pictures, and this will allow me to share them in our next Rocket Register. I will be unable to go around to take pictures. When you do save them, please name them with your last name or the subject of your course. Thank you so much!

Each grade level should work together to create their adjusted schedules to allow for all subjects to be taught on these days. Kindergarten and 1st grade should decide on their rotation schedule.

E-track dates are:

Wednesday, January 24

Wednesday, January 31

Wednesday, February 7

Tuesday, February 13

Thursday, March 1 (rescheduled from January 17)

All sessions will take place from 3:00 to 3:45.

PBIS Survey

The School Improvement and Accountability Department will be launching the PBIS Effective Behavior (EBS) Survey on Tuesday, January 16th. The EBS Survey window will close on Friday, January 26th.

This survey is so important to our campus' growth with PBIS. I encourage all of you to complete the survey. We are aiming for 100% participation, and if we can do this, everyone will earn a day of "comfy dress" (athletic wear or jeans).

The results from our EBS Survey are instrumental in our continued refinement of the implementation of the PBIS process on our campus.

Pineapple Chart

You may have already heard about the pineapple chart from your team leader. I've attached a video that helps to explain the philosophy behind this. Before team meetings next week, please share any thoughts or ideas about this concept before we implement this. There is a lot of information on Twitter that you can find by searching #pineapplechart if you would like more information. As we expect our students to be lifelong learners, this is one way to encourage us all to do the same. We have excellent teachers and examples of great teaching to share with one another. Let's not miss the opportunity for PD right here under our own roof!

Professional Development Opportunities

Happy Go Teach Conference

Another benefit of attending the EdCamp was that I learned about this conference. If this conference sounds like something you would be able to implement this year, please let me know. I will send one person to the conference which is next Monday, January 29. There is a teacher from Farney attending that I could arrange to introduce you to so you'd know someone else attending, if you are interested.

Multiple Quantum Learning opportunities on Saturdays at Cy-Woods HS beginning February 10

Speaker Amy Cuddy @ The Woodlands United Methodist Church on Saturday, February 10 (8am to noon- 4 hours of PD)

More Info

I recently saw that a friend posted she was excited to hear this speaker at a conference for her business. I googled Amy Cuddy, and she is quite popular and has done several TED talks. She is a NY Times best seller and has the second most-viewed TED talk (42 million views). It's pretty amazing to have the opportunity to hear her for free!
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Upcoming Twitter Challenge

We will have two one-week Twitter Challenges coming up! The week of January 22-26, all staff are encouraged to tweet something out each day using our hashtags (#catchthespirit and #robisonspirit). Share something positive about our students or staff, and we can flood Twitter with highlights of our campus. All staff who post one tweet per day will be in the drawing for the #winner t-shirt. You must post a tweet every day (5 days) during that week. One drawing slip will be given to each participant.

The week of January 29-February 2, we'll continue with our daily tweet challenge. During this week, you will earn a ticket for every tweet (up to 2 per day). The "tickets" will actually be stickers for our Super Bowl squares. The Super Bowl squares have been a tradition at Robison. Instead of the t-shirt, you'll be competing for a square on one of our Super Bowl boards. Prizes for the winners will be given out for each quarter. This is the same concept that you have played with other Super Bowl squares, except the prizes are not monetary. Prizes will include: Sonic Drink (1st quarter), Week of Jeans (halftime), Lunch on Robison (3rd quarter), and Sonic drink+week of jeans+lunch on Robison (final score). We will have as many boards as we need.

Get ready to tweet!

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The master calendar is attached below for your convenience.