Radical Revolution Vocabulary


A guillotine is a giant structure harboring a releasable blade used to sever a persons head from their body.

The guillotine's historical significance is that it was a common form of execution during the French Revolution

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National Convention

The National Convention was a group for French Revolution extremists who stripped the monarchy of its power and urge people to fight for their rights and the Revolution.

The historical significance of this group is that they took the power away from the French monarchy and encouraged the bloodshed of the revolution.

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Georges Danton

Georges Danton was the voice of the military during the radical point of the French Revolution.

The historical significance of Danton was that he tried to turn the National Assembly into a committee of war and rallied support for the French Military.

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Maximilien Robespierre

Maximilian Robespierre was the "voice of the people" and leader during the radical period of the French Revolution.

Robespierre was historically significant because he instilled much violence and lead the French people into the Reign of Terror.

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The Girondins were radical Jacobins who wanted King Louis XVI to live so they could use him for ransom against Austria.

The historical Significance of the Girondins is that they didn't get what they wanted and the French killed the King, which drove the Austrian forces further into France.

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By Megan Nicholson