Welcome to Virginia!

We are the first permanent English colony in the New World!

Jamestown was the first English settlement on this side of the Atlantic. It was founded in 1607 because England lacked natural resources. Tobacco is our most abundant and profitable crop. We became a royal colony in 1620, however are self-governing. After the Great Awakening, the Anglican Church became more evangelical.

Some important people:


The House of Burgesses was the legislative assembly of Virginia, and the first European-type in the New World.

During the English Civil War, Virginia was sympathetic to the Crown.

The Bacon's Rebellion of 1676 was the first frontier rebellion; colonists were discontent with governor Berkeley because they wanted the Native Americans to be chased out.

The Indian Massacre of 1622 was when Chief Opechancanough killed 347 colonists. The colonists retaliated killing several hundred American Indians until a treaty was formed in 1646.