Running Three Years Strong!

Right Around the Corner!

Are you excited to have fun this October?!

Test you balance, coordination, and Creativity!

Mcmanus' Kendama Club

Tuesday, Oct. 18th, 3pm

Local Middle School, 123 Street, Linden, NJ

When?!?! - Weekly Starting on Monday, October 18th, 3:00p.m.

Where?!?! - School Gymnasium

Why?!?! - Students demand to play together on school grounds without confiscation!

What do I need?!?! - Just bring any kendama you own and have fun!

All Grades Welcome!

Local Middle's School started two years ago when a small group of students picked up the hobby of kendama. Since the start of the club interest spread like wild fire!!

Local Middle School now offers a kendama club for all Linden students of all ages!

Kendama Club ensures:

Teacher/Staff Supervision

Peer-to-Peer interactions

Lessons from experienced players

Monthly Games/Competitions


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Get Started with this Beginner Tutorial!

Kendama USA - Trick Tutorial - Beginner - Moshikame
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