Geonosis Exoplanet

Also identified as Kepler 186f

Facts -

  • Although the mass is unknown, it is said to be between 0.5 to 2 times the earths size, which is between 2.986 x 10^24 kg and 1.1944 x 10^25 kg.
  • Kepler 186f is 500 light years away, which means at the speed of light it would take 500 years to get to the planet.
  • It is around 10% larger in radius than Earth.

Kepler 186f - about the planet

  • The diameter is roughly 14,300 km
  • The distance of Kepler 186f from it's star is an estimate of 32.5 million miles, which is Kepler 186
  • The length of a year is 130 days
  • Besides Itself, there are 5 other planets in its solar system.
  • A lot of information about the planet is unknown, such as the temperature and the length of a day.
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