Hydropower Energy

By: Christyna H.

Part 1. Introduction about Hydropower

We Austria should start using Hydropower as their energy source

Austria is a country located in Europe most of their energy sources come from Natural Gases Reserves & Oil Reserves. The weather over in Austria is amazing because you can have different energy sources Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Geothermal Energy, Biomass Energy, & most of all Hydropower Energy. Hydropower is the most important energy because we have this everywhere “Water”! Hydropower can be created by moving water almost anywhere in oceans, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and more. This is the most cheap and safest way to get energy almost everywhere. It is so clean that it doesn’t even harm or pollute the earth, how cool is that? These are instructions how you could get you own energy from fast moving water.

Using Hydropower will not pollute the earth

Good Reasons & Bad Reasons about using Hydropower

3 Good Reasons

  • It is a renewable energy source
  • It helps fight climate change
  • Improves the air we breathe

3 Bad Reasons

  • There could be a lack of water
  • There are limited places with water
  • It could cause droughts