Edgar Allan Poe

By Connor Sherlock

Edgar Allen Poe

Both of Poe's parents were dead by the time he was three. Then he was adopted and his new mom died of TB just like his real mom did. Poe join the army when he was younger and did fairly well. He started off his writing career by submitting story's to magazines. They where all rejected though. In 1835 he got a job as a newspaper editor and won with his story " The manuscript Found in a Battle." Shortly after he married his cousin he quit his job because of poor salary and moved to Philadelphia and started writing.

What was his childhood like

Edgar had a bad childhood. Both of his parents died when he was about 3 years old. He was then adopted later and then his step mom died from TB just like his real mom.

Sickness and death

All of Poe's life was filled with sickness and death. he lost his parents and his step parents. Then when he got married he lost his wife to from TB just like everyone else he lost.

when did he publish his first written work

The first written work Poe published was in 1827.

most significant work

His most significant poem was "The Raven" and his most famous book was "A Fall of The House of Usher."


the themes he wrote about most often were horror story's and scary story's because that's what his childhood was about.

mysterious death

His death was such a mystery because he was moving to a new city. The day after he moved there he wet missing. They later found him laying on the street. He was not stabbed or anything so they think he might of died from alcohol.

impact on the world

He created detective fiction, the horror story, and a master at short story's. so he brought a lot of new types of writing to the world that are still used today by different writers.