Rick Hansen stops bullying!!


The end of bullies

we are a group that would like to get rid of bullying in our school and raise awareness for other schools in our community. we meet every Tuesday and Wednesday after school to discuss how to get rid of bullying in our communities and what we can do to help.

The goal

The goal of our club is to raise awareness in our schools and comunities.We want people to make a c.hange. when there is a bullying happen we want people to stand togather and help


We are hosting an event to stop bullying. this even will be outside our school. we are going to stand for a minute for the respect of the people that have died of bullying and then we are going to eat food.

Positive changes

This group has brought a lot of changes because we can see in our scioty that it has stoped and not much bullying has been happening. the graph of the rate people that are getting bullied is going down .the point of this group is to stop bullying in our scioty and we have achieved what we needed