Controversy in the Balkan Peninsula

By: Tessa, Bethanee, & Imran

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War in Bosnia

What was it?

A time during WWII when a place called Yugoslavia was slowly falling apart. Battle after battle was fought until all the Republics had seceded and Yugoslavia fell into the rising arms of Milosevic. Milosevic gradually took over again causing another was on the Balkan Peninsula but it quickly stopped when he took his mentors job as President of Serb.

Conflict in the Region:

There was a lot of conflict in the region because there were 6 different republics crammed into one area. These conditions lead to these republics Fighting just like siblings which helped lead to the Controversy on the Balkan peninsula.

The Fall of Yugoslavia (Tito):

Yugoslavia consisted of 6 consisuent republics; Bosnia Herzegovina,Croatia, Macedonia Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia. Yugoslavia also had 2 autonomous provinces called Kosovo and Vojodina. Yugoslavia had their official break-up in the fall of communism and collapse of the soviet union. The first republic seceded in 1991 and the last province seceded in 2008. When these 6 republics split up Yugoslavia was no longer because all of it's republics seceded leaving no land for it to claim.

The rise of Milosevic:

Milosevic rose to power during the confusion following the death of Tito, the ruler of Yugoslavia from 1945 until 1980. Milosevic followed a communist party member Ivan Stambolic, in a series of directorships in the gas and banking industries In 1986 he was put in charge of the Serbian Central Committee. he was one step behind Stambolic, who at the time was the president of Serb. Three years later he took Stambolic's office, and his portrait replaced Tito's in public places.

What happened at the fall of Yugoslavia(Tito) and the rise of Milosevic?

Yugoslavia was originally made of 6 consisuent republics and 2 autonomous provinces. As anyone could guess these areas were all crammed on one area leading to much confusion and conflict when WWII hit Europe. It also did not help that the country had also lost there leader, Tito. Taking advantage of this confusion Milosevic rose to power while following his mentor, Stambolic. Milosevic quickly took over Tito's position until he took Stambolic's job and replaced all Tito's portraits in public places with his own.
Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic vs New World Order / Слободан Милошевић

What was the world response to these events?

Since the wars on the Balkan Peninsula were during WWII the world responded by saying that they were not going to help because they did not want to get into the sticky mess that was going on in Europe.

What are the current conditions in the Balkan Peninsula?

In October 2000 Milosevic was overthrown after losing election but he was still refusing to quit.

Essential Question:

What caused the fall of Yugoslavia and what was its global impact?