(Crotalus Viridis)

Western Rattle Snake

Western Rattle Snake

Length: 3-5 feet

Produce anywhere from 1-25 young per birth.

Can live 15-20 years in captivity.

Can live almost anywhere.

More active in colder weather, while being dormant during the hotter seasons.

Not on the verge of extinction or endangerment.

Western Rattle Snake Habitat

The Western Rattle Snake is considered a generalist and is not very picky at all on the habitat. The snake is commonly found all along the Great Plains extending from Canada all the way down to Texas and the northern parts of Mexico. They enjoy warm weather, with rocky and sandy areas with some shrubs to curl up in the shade when it's to hot. The Western Rattle Snake has a wide variety of prey including small mammals such as mice, prairie dogs, rabbits, squirrels, etc.

Western Rattle Snake Facts

A rattlesnake can move its rattle back and forth 60 or more times per second

The Western Rattle Snake is made of the same protein as found in human hair and finger nails, giving them the chance to shed completely or in segments jus like our hair or nails.


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