Pennsylvania Needs You!

The Melting Pot

A beautiful land where men from all walks of life may come and live alongside one another. The land is fertile, the people are friendly, and indians are peaceful.

The Origins of a Peaceful Nation

This land is inhabited largely by the overwhelmingly peaceful Quakers. Their refusal to fight or to support violence has landed them in much trouble with the King in recent times, but they have mainly congregated here now and are accepting of all kinds. The nation was founded on freedom of religion and self governance, which led to an influx of all kinds of foreign traffic and brought on a great change in the way society has functioned for so long. While slavery does exist here, many of the Quakers are not in support of it. The idea of subjugating a human being does tug at my heartstrings as well, but how else are we to get along than with forced labor?


All information obtained from readings of "Of the People"