Fair Use

Is it really fair?


Attribution is when you credit the author or source of the work you are using. You should always do this, because you can be arrested for stealing others works. It also gives respect to the author.

Creative Commons License

The Creative Commons License (CC) is when an author allows people to build and advance upon their work. They give anyone the right to work on it.

Public Domain

When something is in the public domain, it can be used by anyone without copyright infringement to be settled in.

Fair Use

Fair Use is any copying done to a certain material and can be done without permission in several different and limited purposes including commenting, criticizing, or parody of the work. Many people mistake Fair Use for things copyrighted.


Copyright is when an author creates a physical thing and it is protected by legal rights. They can give others permission to use the material and spread it with credit, but they can also have things stolen against their will.

Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is when you are connected to your community on the internet and follow legal laws applied there.

Websites with Free Images

Google, Bing, Yahoo, Stock Photo, Pexels, Adobe.

How do you know if an image is copyrighted?

You can ask, research or just plain know the signs to see if they are.