Analysis of Judy

Josh Ward

Traits of Judy

Some of the character traits of Judy are emotional. She is emotional because she will start crying at the littlest things and get frustrated with it. One of the times when she started crying was when her dad called her a whore and a couple of other names. The other time that she was emotional when she disobeyed the the police by staying out after curfew. The police thought that she was a hooker because of the make-up she as wearing. She can also be a little on the wild side. In many cases she was shown as being a rebel. Some of the times when she was when out past curfew. She goes out and smokes. The other character trait that she shows is flirtatious. When she sees Jim she tries to show off and look good around him. When her boyfriend dies she is only sad for a little bit and that gets over it.

Challenges Facing Judy

Some of the challenges that Judy faces through the whole movie is not having a family that cares about her. She often fights with her family and does not getting along with them. She often breaks rules and stays out too late because she does not care.

Judy has changed thought the whole movie

Through out the whole movie Judy doesn't have much change until the end. At the end of the movie she changes and relies that she actually does need her family. She also knows that when her dad wants her home at a certain time its for a reason and not just to be mean.

The meaning of the chickie run?

One of the reasons why Jim ran the Chickie run because he has to prove to everyone that he is not a chicken. He did not care how dangerous it was going to be he knew that he had to drive as far as he could so that he would not be known as the chicken.

Theme of the movie

One of the themes of the movie is that they do not have a family that they can come to and ask for help when they are down or a family that accually cares about them. The other theme of the movie is showing that how much they fight and say that they do not like their family. They truly need them for supporting them and helping there family when they are down.

Do you think Plato killed puppies because he is a bad person, or is there an alternative deeper or psychological reason?

I think that Plato is a bad person because he has not has the right guidance to what is right and wrong. I think that if he had a family that could show him the ropes and guide him in the right direction that he would become a better person and not want to participate in these behaviors.