Hot and Sour Soup

The Best Soup Ever

China (place where hot and sour soup came from) Flag of China-

China is located in the northern, eastern hemisphere. It's capital, Beijing, is located at 39 degrees, 54 minutes and 50 seconds north and 116 degrees, 23 minutes and 30 seconds east. The area of land China owns is 9,326,410sq kilometers. the surface area of water China owns is 270,550sq kilometers. Total there is 9,596,960sq kilometers that China owns. China's top 5 natural resources are coal, iron ore, oil, natural gas and mercury. It's natural hazards include typhoons, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, droughts and land subsidence such as sinkholes. Han Chinese make up 91.6% of China's ethnic groups, Zhuang make up 1.3% of the ethnic groups and other( long list of ethnic groups) makes up the remaining 7.1% of the ethnic groups. The number 1 major city in China is Shanghai, number 2 is Beijing and number 3 is Tianjin. The landforms or terrain in China are mostly mountains, high plateaus, deserts, plains, deltas and hills. The population of China is 1,355,629,576 as of July 2014. That's about 1/7 of the whole world! China's climate is diverse with a subarctic north and tropical south.

Hot and Sour Soup

About the Soup

Hot and Sour Soup has a spicy and sour chicken broth base with chicken, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, carrots, egg and tofu. To make it you would need 1 can of chicken broth, half a pot of water, 1 ladle of black vinegar, crushed red pepper, salt, pepper, oyster sauce, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, carrots, 2 beaten eggs, tofu, chicken, dark soy sauce and cornstarch to thicken broth. Add the chicken broth to the water add in the salt, pepper, crushed red pepper, oyster sauce, dark soy sauce and cornstarch to thicken the broth(as much as desired). Then add in 1 ladle of black vinegar. Pour the eggs in slowly while stirring. After that add in the tofu, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, chicken and carrots. Then cover and wait until the chicken and vegetables are cooked. When they are you are ready to eat.

Dot Wo Garden

Dot Wo Garden: You can buy Hot and Sour Soup here

Dot Wo Garden is located at 6161 North May Avenue,OKC. It costs $2 for 1 cup of soup.

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