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APHE Staff Newsletter September 18, 2016

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This Week's Important Info

Monday, September 19

  • 2nd Grade Swim Week

Tuesday, September 20

  • Hearing and Vision Screening
  • Formative Assessment w/ Plickers-Computer Lab @ 3:15 (Earn a "badge" and jean pass for attending!)
  • Twitter Chat @ 8:00 PM-Join us! #risdchat

Wednesday, September 21

  • Megan off campus at training
  • Amanda and Stacy at Asst. Principal's meeting in the afternoon

Thursday, September 22

  • Twitter Thursday #weareaphe
  • Megan off campus at training

Friday, September 23

  • Wear your Heath, Rockwall, or APHE Spirit Wear!
  • PTO Meeting at 11:00 in the Library-Please park in the back!
  • Stacy off campus at training
  • Rockwall vs. Heath Football Game @ 7:30

Other Tidbits You Need To Know

  • We will be participating in the Breakfast Rotary "Coins for Coats" starting Monday, September 26th through Friday, September 30th. We will encourage our students to bring coins from home to put in their grade level buckets to help raise money for students across our county who need new coats for winter. We will weigh the buckets each day to see which grade level has brought in the most. I am excited to see the positive impact our campus can have on others!

Who has morning duty?

Front Outside-Freeze

Back Opening Car Doors-Sparks

Gym-Kubiak and Harper

Cafeteria-Graham and Gentry

GE Callback and Celebration of the Week:

Call Back: Take the "t" off can't...and say I can.

Celebration: Field Goal

Hold arms up to indicate field goal and say "That's Good".

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GE Life Principle for September-Cooperation

Definition: A situation in which people work together to do something or when someone is being helpful by doing what is wanted or asked.

Call Back: Many hands...Make light work

Quote: "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." Helen Keller