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Weekly Notes


March 26th-Defining Moments

April 6th-Board work session

April 6-10 New Student Registration

April 8th-Principal's Meeting -C&I

April 9th-Kinder Round Up

April 15th-Principal's Meeting -Admin Svcs

April 18th-Job Fair

April 20th-Board meeting

A Few To Do's

*Please finalize your dates for end of year awards programs and communicate those to April Guest as well as to your parents. It is never too early!

*April Guest has begun to collect school supply lists. Please begin to get those ready for her to post on the website. She needs these no later than May 15th.

*Please take a map of your campus and highlight the areas that could be used as classroom space. Include rooms that you are using for other purposes such as large PTA rooms, instructional coach spaces, etc. that are in full classrooms. If I could have that by March 18th I would appreciate it.

(Repeated information is in italics, new information in regular text)

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